Developing a character to expedite the story quickly to deliver the movement in a comic/cartoon/movie in regards to a superhero(ine) should involve directness and speed. For me, the five tenets of great comic fare are: action, drama, horror, comedy, and sexiness, with a hefty bonus for great art. The focus of this blog, obviously, is Wonder Woman. No secret if you’ve read other posts is my desire to see the original mythos of the Golden Age Era be given modern sensibilities, and return the uniqueness of the icon while getting away from the flaccidity of the Sword And Sorcery trope- i.e. “Red, White, And Blue Sonja”. A lot of creators over the years (starting with Wein, Perez, and Newell in the 1980s) relegated that material to being silly and regressive. Those of us in the know realize that belief is bassackwards. Here’s an imagining I have for using the 1940s trappings with the eye of the now, delivering a quick view inside her head without requiring an excessive amount of steps:

Two pages with a repitition- three horizontal bars, split in the middle. A set of youthful female eyes on the left with blue shading, a ‘la the cast of a video screen. On the right, a different image.

Panel One: the eyes are wide with curiosity/excitement at the image of a diverse college campus, complete with hipsters, jocks, sorority girls, etc.

Panel Two: eyes of wide horror as a political hostage blindfolded execution occurs.

Panel Three: eyes of fascination at a couture fashion runway show.

Panel Four: eyes squinting with laughter at a cartoon rabbit dressed in drag.

Panel Five: eyes veer to the side in blush-y embarrassment at the image of a chiseled Hollywood actor dressed as a Demi-God.

Panel Six: eyes filled with warlike rage at the image of a Street-Pimp grasping the wrist of a hooker, punching her in the face with the other hand.

Page Three: to the left stands Minillope, Oracle of the Amazons, with her hands folded to the front, arms dropped, with long white robes and a soft smile. In the center, a glowing, floating sphere with images floating through it. To the right, Queen Hyppolyta in her green bejeweled halter, arm directing to the Magic Sphere, scar through her palm from the blood she spilled in the clay to form her child says “Diana, Princess Of Paradise… Welcome to The WORLD”.

The stage is set, and the story is ready to move with the original settings back in play.